Petrol stations - equipment shopfitting of petrol stations

Emphasis on precision production, compliance with the set deadlines, installation according to our customers’ requirements and careful servicing – these aspects play a key role for petrol station operators and are the reason for their continuing loyalty. We supply to major petrol station chains across Europe; our customers include OMV, Shell, Benzina, Lukoil and Agip.

1000 furnished petrol stations throughout Europe

90% of our supplies are of our own production

1780 km the most distant place of delivery

500 products commissioned for production every day



We have a number of satisfied loyal customers. Some of them have been with us since our establishment in 1993.



Variable system

Petrol station shops need to display a wide variety of goods within a small space. Therefore, they need variable systems. This is what we are able to design, produce and supply, according to our customers’ requirements. We have our own production capacities and rich experience.



Direct producer 

Thanks to our in-house production capacities, we are able to flexibly respond to all our customers’ requirements. The designing, processing, production and dispatching all take place at a single location. We use up-to-date technologies, which we continually upgrade.



Installation and service

We have our own installation and service teams, consisting of experienced professionals. We will install interior equipment according to your needs. We offer warranty and post-warranty servicing.